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Email List: Adding Subscribers

There are two easy ways of managing LISTSERV list membership.

Email List: Automatically Populated Lists

Automatically populated employee LISTSERV lists.

Email List: Errors or Bounce Messages

LISTSERV has features for handling invalid addresses.

Email List: How do I change settings and manage my list?

Where to go to manage your LISTSERV list and subscription options.

Email List: Logging In

Assistance with logging into LISTSERV.

Email List: Managing Editors, Moderators and Owners

How to configure owners, editors and moderators in LISTSERV along with basic information on what they can do.

Email List: Preventing Unwanted Subscribers

Several features for restricting list subscription requests

Email List: Removing Subscribers

Multiple methods for unsubscribing addresses.

Email List: Subscribing

Subscribing to a UWRF LISTSERV e-mail list.

Email List: Subscription Probe and Monitoring Alert Emails

Automatically monitoring and removing bad addresses from lists.

Email List: Terminology

A glossary of LISTSERV terms.

Email List: Unsubscribing

LISTSERV has two ways of unsubscribing.

Email List: Viewing Subscribers

Two ways to view LISTSERV list membership.

Email List: What lists am I subscribed to?

Two ways of viewing your LISTSERV memberships.

Microsoft Office 365: Blocked Attachments

Restricting certain file types to block malicious cyber-attacks.

Microsoft Office 365: I clicked a link in a phishing email

I think someone knows more about me than I want them to.

Microsoft Office 365: Rebuilding Your Outlook Profile

One of the first troubleshooting steps.

Outlook: Unable to Open Calendar Group

I cannot add groups of calendars to Outlook.

Shared Email Box: Access from Mac

How to open a shared mailbox with the Mac Office 365 Outlook client.

Shared Email Box: Access from the Web

How to access a shared mailbox using the Office 365 web interface.

Shared Email Box: Automatic Reply

Create or update an automatic reply on a shared email inbox.

Shared Mailbox: Add to Outlook on Windows

How to add shared mailboxes to Outlook clients on Windows.