Cisco Jabber: Problem Report Tool (PRT)


The Problem Reporting Tool (PRT) is a feature of the Cisco Jabber system that allows you to report a problem to the diagnostic system for review. PRT generates information about completed and failed calls that can be used in additional reviews by telecommunication engineers. PRT can be used by anyone, however, anyone experiencing a new issue should also contact DoTS to open a ticket and provide more background information.

How to Report a Jabber Call Problem

These instructions are specific to reporting after a Jabber call. You can report during a call but it does not ask for any more information. We prefer that you use this tool after the call is completed or failed as that will give us much more information to use.

  1. Close out of Cisco Jabber
  2. Launch Cisco Jabber
  3. Reproduce the problem at least once so that the details are captured in the Jabber logs.
    • Record the name of the person you contacted and the time of the interaction. Include this information in the problem report's summary.
  4. Select the gear icon, then Help, then Report a problem....
    • The "Cisco Jabber problem reporting" window appears
  5. From the drop-down menu, select the area in which the problem occurs.
  6. Enter a Summary of the problem.
  7. Enter Steps to reproduce the problem. Be as specific as possible, including:
    • Exact error messages
    • Steps to reproduce the problem
    • Case or ticket number, if possible
  8. Use the Attach File button and/or the Screen Shot button to provide additional helpful information
  9. Make sure the Include memory dump box is not checked.
  10. Select the Send button.
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