Class Climate: Course Evaluations

End-of-course evaluations are collected online through a survey tool called Class Climate. Course evaluations are administered by the DoTS Teaching and Learning Technologies team under the authority of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and questions regarding them should be directed to

Course Evaluation Period

Students receive an email about the evaluation period from the Division of Technology Services at UW-River Falls <> with a subject like "UW-River Falls Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness" and the evaluation period is generally the last few weeks of the term.

Course evaluations are completed within the course being evaluated in Canvas and students must have their default email in Canvas set to their UWRF email address. Student UWRF email addresses are the default email in Canvas so for most students no action is needed for this. However, if you have changed your default email address in Canvas to a non-UWRF email address and need help changing it back, this Canvas Guide can help: How do I change my default email address in my user account as a student?

Browser Maintenance

Prior to clicking on the Course Evaluation Available link in your course in Canvas, it is recommended that you clear the cache of your browser, and then after having done so, close out that browser, open a new browser, and then access the evaluation again after having followed those steps.

The following article includes steps for clearing the cache of your browser based on the specific operating system of the device that you are using: Troubleshooting: Clearing Browser Cache. On that page, you can uncheck the box next to the term "Hide" for the operating system that your device has, and then the instructions become visible.

Cross-Site Tracking/Third-Party Cookies Settings

On Mac OS in Safari (versions 11+), there is a feature on by default called Intelligent Tracking Prevention. It causes a cookie error in Safari that often presents as "launch validation failed". Apple has included this as a feature in Safari to protect cross site tracking. To disable this, go to Safari > Settings... > Privacy (tab) > Prevent Cross-site tracking and uncheck the box.

When using Chrome (In Windows and Mac OS), this issue has also been observed. In order to change the settings to allow for Third-Party Cookies, go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Third-party cookies > Allow third-party cookies

Note: This applies to all sites for cross-site tracking which Apple has deemed as a medium risk. Disabling cookies will also mean that Duo cannot remember you for 12 hours (if you selected that when signing in with Duo).

Complete the Evaluation

Please respond to the survey questions and follow the prompts to submit your course evaluation. Evaluations can only be completed once and cannot be edited after submission because submissions are anonymous in Class Climate. Faculty are not able to see which students completed which evaluations and they only receive results after final grades are submitted.

Sample question from evaluation form

Instructor Course Evaluation Frequency

Some tenured faculty members and senior lecturers may choose to receive evaluations every third evaluation period according to the schedule listed in the Faculty Senate Handbook Chapter 4, Section 5.5.

Eligible faculty members and senior lecturers may change their evaluation frequency in eSIS.

  1. Log into eSIS
  2. Select Main Menu
  3. Select UWRF - Human Resources
  4. Select HR Self Service
  5. Select Home/Address/Forwarding Email/Evaluation Frequency
  6. Change the Evaluation Frequency value

Home Address/Forwarding Email/Evaluation Frequency page options

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