All faculty and staff have access to the OneDrive for Business feature in our Microsoft Office 365 environment. The university no longer provides new employees with S: drives (on-site storage).

Reliable network file storage is a mission-critical service provided to enhance collaboration between employees and ensure preservation of university data.


  • FalconShare provides safe and secure computer data storage that is highly available and accessible. 
  • Files on FalconShare
    • are accessible from any campus workstation
    • can be accessed through a web interface from any device with an Internet connection
    • are backed up and protected from risks such as drive failures, fires, floods and other natural disasters
    • can't be stolen like those on a laptop or portable storage device such as a flash drive
    • can be securely shared with your colleagues without sharing your username and password
    • may be restorable to a previous version in the event they're overwritten or deleted (though not in all cases)
    • may be limited if use is considered "more than normal", e.g. high use of video files


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