FalconShare: Creating a Public Link

Share Folder Access from the "User Home" Folder

  • The "User Home" is storage for personal content.
  • Users can share contents of folders by creating a "public link." 
  • Important: Public links can only be created for folders, not individual files. (All files in a folder are accessible.)
  • To collaborate and share documents that do not reside in the "user home," please submit a folder sharing request

Creating a Public Link

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Do not create public links for one-time access to relatively small files that can be emailed
  • Minimize the life of the link by setting an expiration date for the link
  • Password protect the link if reasonable and provide the password to the link recipient via a different communication method (e.g., email the link and provide the password via telephone or in person)
  • Do not create public links to grant folder access to other UWRF employees. Please submit a Folder Sharing request instead.

Important note: If any folder in the path is renamed after the link is created, the link will break and will need to be regenerated.

To create a public link, right click on the folder you wish to share and select: View, edit and sharing > Create public link

Edit Share Popup Menu

In the options box (see example image below):

  • Set a reasonable expiration date
  • Set a password
  • Uncheck access control options that are not needed (such as upload file)

You can also specify text to appear above the list of files and get emails for link activity if desired.

As the last step, select the Generate button to generate a link with the settings you specified. Highlight and copy this link for pasting into email or another location for communicating to the persons being granted access. Settings changed after the link is generated will not take effect unless Generate is selected again to generate a new link.  Be sure to delete any links which are no longer needed.

Create public link options

You can use the View links button to view existing links and delete them.

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