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Pinned Article University Computer: Standard Software

Software automatically included on university-owned computers.

Adobe Acrobat CC: Not starting up on a Mac

Reinstall through Creative Cloud, not Self Service.

Adobe: "Unable to Open PDF" binder message in browser

Open the file in either Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or Adobe Acrobat DC.

DisplayLink: "Your screen is being observed"

I'm not recording a screen. What is going on?

Google Workspace (G Suite) / Google Apps: Support at UWRF

Google Apps support is provided for collaboration with other entities but is not UWRF's primary collaboration platform.

Microsoft Office 365: Apps

Office 365 apps that are supported by UWRF and those that are not.

Microsoft Office 365: Blocked Attachments

Restricting certain file types to block malicious cyber-attacks.

Microsoft Office 365: Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Service

DLP helps prevent people from accidentally sending sensitive information via email.

Microsoft Office 365: How do I share a large file?

OneDrive and we have the steps to do so.

Microsoft Office 365: I clicked a link in a phishing email

I think someone knows more about me than I want them to.

Microsoft Office 365: Impersonation Protection

An email appears similar to someone who previously sent you email, but may not be that person.

Microsoft Office 365: Installing on Your Personal Computer

You can install Office 365 on your personal device.

Microsoft Office 365: Invalid username or password

It could be a brute force attack against your account.

Microsoft Office 365: OneDrive for Business at UWRF

An overview of OneDrive for Business.

Microsoft Office 365: Rebuilding Your Outlook Profile

One of the first troubleshooting steps.

Microsoft Office 365: Resolve Sync Error

How to fix sync errors showing up in Outlook.

Microsoft Office 365: Safe Attachments

Helping to keep you safe from bad email attachments.

Microsoft Office 365: Safe Links

Helping to keep you safe from bad websites.

Microsoft Office 365: Saving to a Remote SharePoint Site

A workaround in Office 365 products to add a SharePoint site to your "Save As" options.

Microsoft Office 365: Slow Boot / Old Programs Opening on on Macs

Have Microsoft apps load more quickly on Macs.

Microsoft Office 365: Teams

Welcome to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams: Recording and Sharing a Video

Record and share a meeting video using Microsoft Teams.

Navigate (Faculty): Importing your Class Schedule into Outlook Calendar

Configure your faculty Outlook calendar so students can schedule advising sessions.

Outlook: Unable to Open Calendar Group

I cannot add groups of calendars to Outlook.

Screen Sharing Applications: Macs cannot share screen

Might need to change screen recording and screen sharing permissions for macOS 10.15 Catalina and higher.

Shared Email Box: Automatic Reply

Create or update an automatic reply on a shared email inbox.

Shared Mailbox: Add to Outlook on Windows

How to add shared mailboxes to Outlook clients on Windows.