Software Center: Business Hours Settings

What are "Business Hours" in Software Center?

Business Hours, in the Settings tab in Software Center, allow people to define times that the system is typically in use and enables delaying installation of software and/or updates until outside of business hours, up to the installation deadline. People may adjust these hours as they see fit. However, required software and/or updates, if not installed before the deadline, will be installed at that time regardless of business hours settings. The deadline is displayed in the pop-up message as well as in Software Center.

Setting Business Hours

Business Hours are defined in Software Center under the Options tab.

If you would like your workstation to automatically reboot outside of business hours, check the box for Automatically install or uninstall required software and restart the computer only outside the specified business hours under the Computer Maintenance drop-down. This may result in your workstation restarting automatically which may cause lost data. Make sure you save files frequently.

Using Business Hours

To postpone a required software installation and/or update until after your business hours, select the Outside my business hours option when prompted by Software Center. Make sure your workstation is powered on and connected to the Internet after your business hours conclude to ensure the system will install the deployments when desired.

If the system is not powered on and connected to the Internet during the non-business hours, the software and/or updates will not be installed and you will be prompted to install at the deadline time.

If you do not select Outside my business hours and you do not have the Automatically install or uninstall required software and restart the computer only outside the specified business hours option checked, the system will not install the software and/or updates until you either manually install them from Software Center (or select Right now in the pop-up) or the deployment reaches the deadline, when they will be automatically installed. If the deadline is during your current business hours, you will be notified that the deployment may not be postponed:

"Active Hours" in Windows Settings

Active Hours in the Windows Update tile in the Settings application are not honored by Configuration Manager. This is not a feature of the product and is not planned to be implemented.

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