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Need Canvas help? Contact Canvas 24/7/365.


UWRF's digital learning environment.

Canvas (Instructors): Copy To and Send To Course Content from One Course to Another

Don't cross list a course once a semester starts. Instead, "copy to" or "send to".

Canvas (Instructors): Create A Sandbox Course

Help with creating a master course.

Canvas (Instructors): Enabling Respondus LockDown Browser

Let your students have access to it early.

Canvas (Instructors): Publish Your Course

How to publish (activate) your course.

Canvas (Instructors): Sending Grades to eSIS

How to send grades from Canvas to eSIS.

Canvas (Instructors): Setup Respondus LockDown Browser for an iPad

So students can use LockDown Browser on iPads.

Canvas (Instructors): Turnitin

Analyze for originality and proper citations.

Canvas (Instructors): UDOIT Accessibility Checker

Helping to address common accessibility issues.

Canvas (Students): Getting Started

Introductory help with Canvas.

Canvas (Students): I can't access my course

It could be that your information hasn't made it into Canvas or the instructor has things set up in Canvas so that you cannot see content at this time.

Canvas (Students): Respondus LockDown Browser

An introduction and some instructions.

Canvas (Students): VoiceThread Lectures

A collaborative software for lectures and discussions.

Canvas: Adding TAs to a roster

They may need to accept two invites.

Canvas: Canvas Integration Support

Your first step in troubleshooting Canvas Integrations.

Canvas: Is Canvas down?

Check status.instructure.com

Canvas: Respondus LockDown Browser will not install; feature transfer error

Turn off Virus & Threat Protection, install, and then turn Virus & Threat Protection back on again.

Canvas: Zoom Error "Warning: User does not exist"

What to do when getting a "user does not exist" error.

Humane Handling Institute Courses: Student Self-Enrollment

For Continuing Education students that do not have a UWRF email address/password.