Request hardware purchases, office moves, printing help, phone changes, etc.

Services (16)

Cisco IP Phone

Request help for a Cisco Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone.

Cisco IP Phone: Correct Your 911 Information

Have the best phone location information available to emergency responders.

Computer/Hardware Purchase or Consultation

Consult/Purchase computers and other hardware.

Consultation: Printing Assessment

Have DoTS work with you to determine your printing needs and propose a solution that meets those needs.

Employee Personal Printing/Copying

Employees, request to be able to print and copy non-work related items and pay for it with your Falcon Dollars.

Equipment Checkout

DoTS provides commonly requested items for short term checkout to faculty and staff.

Laptops have standard software installed (Internet Browsers, MS Office).

Equipment Pick up or Recycling

What happens with older IT equipment (computers, printers, phones, peripherals, etc.).

International Travel Laptop Loan

Request a travel laptop for international travel.

Local Workstation Administrator Permission

Start the process to get greater access to your computer's configurations and other functions.

Mobile Phone Purchase or Changes

Find out about getting a mobile (cellular) phone.

Office Move

Moving UWRF owned computers, phones, network access, printers, etc.

Printing Account(s) Update

Request to add or remove people from printing accounts (used in charging departments for MFD/laser print/copy costs).

Printing Card - Student Employee

Manage departmental student employee print cards that students use to release print jobs that charge back to department printing accounts.

Support Exemption

Request an exemption from updating older software/hardware.

Video Conferencing Setup (excluding University Center)

Keep travel costs low, increase productivity, and be "green" by meeting online.