Computer or Hardware Purchase or Consultation


Stop. If this request is for a new employee, please use the Employee Onboarding service.


Note:  The Intel Chip shortages situation was getting better, but unfortunately has gotten worse again.  So, as you prepare to purchase computer equipment for the end of the year, please be aware that orders need to be placed earlier this year.  There is currently an Intel shortage on their PC processors, that is causing a delay of approximately 6-20 weeks for delivery times.   This is affecting all PC manufacturers.  This is expected to be fixed by the fourth quarter of 2019 (October – December), so it will be an issue for the foreseeable future.  In order to mitigate the impact agencies should consider the following:

  • Ordering as much of the FY  2020 planned equipment now to get ahead of the delay in the supply chain.  If needed, vendors can provide warehouses to store the computers until deployment is needed.

  • Reconsider deployment schedule and timing for Calendar Year 2019

  • Look at alternative products such as AMD

    • Please note that AMD is already seeing constraints do to large companies switching early.


Hardware Consultation

  • Request help from DoTS in estimating hardware costs
  • Ask questions about the appropriate hardware for what you want to accomplish
  • Dovetail into UWRF technology standards and support 

Computer/Tablet Purchasing Request

  • Employees are provided a computer to use. Computers can be Windows or Mac OS, desktop or laptop.
  • Tablets are considered secondary devices and are funded by individual departments and/or colleges. Our supported tablets are
    • iPads
    • Windows Surface Pro 4
  • This service is available to
    • all permanent employees - who are provided a computer to use if deemed necessary by the supervisor of that department
    • limited-term employees (LTEs), part-time, temporary employees, and student employees - who are provided a refurbished computer


  • If you need a new office phone or one to be reprogrammed for a new employee, please use this request form.
  • If you need a cell phone, please use this request form.

When am I Eligible for a New Computer?

Other notes

  • UW-River Falls operates on a July 1 - June 30 fiscal calendar
  • Computer replacements for current faculty & staff are usually purchased during the fall term
  • Full-time General Program Revenue (GPR) employee computers are replaced every 3.5-4 years
  • All other computers (dept-funded, grant-funded, PR-funded, or other) are replaced every 4-5 years
  • All computers have an established replacement plan


  • Full-time General Program Revenue (GPR) employee computers are funded by the university replacement fund
  • Part-time, GPR Limited-Term employees, and student employees* get refurbished computers funded by the university replacement fund
                *Student employees are defined as those doing office-type work for a particular department
  • Departments are responsible for funding the initial purchase and replacement costs of the computer in the following cases. (Computers in this category should be are every 5 years.)
    • The computer is a secondary use computer.  I.e., you have a different primary computer.
    • The employee is using the computer as a research computer. (This applies to student employees as well.)
    • The employee's position is funded by a non-GPR account: Program Revenue (PR), grant-funded, or project-based funding.

Other hardware purchasing request

  • Ensure technical compatibility with our campus environment when you consult with DoTS prior to purchase
  • Place an order by giving us your university department account number and having your budget manager approve the purchase. Do not use your Procard!

Service Level Agreement

  • Consultation requests or hardware estimates require one business week to schedule time to meet and/or produce the estimate
  • DoTS is responsible for the procurement of all computer accessories regardless of funding source.  This includes, but is not limited to: desktop computers, laptops, tablets, monitors, displays (TVs), printers, keyboards, mice, and other connected peripherals.
  • Requests for new computers are reviewed by DoTS staff during normal business hours.
  • Upon receipt of the completed request, it can take 4-6 weeks for a computer and 2-3 weeks for a tablet to arrive on campus and be configured properly to work on our campus network. When it arrives on campus, you are notified to arrange for delivery to your office.
  • Blackout Dates