Guest Falcon Account

After pressing the "Request Service" button, enter these (Action > Category > Subcategory > Service):
Request Something DoTS offers > Accounts and Passwords > Falcon Account > Guest Falcon Account


A sponsored campus visitor staying for an extended period of time is eligible for a guest Falcon Account.


  • Access to campus resources not available to the general public such as email, printing, network file access, security access, and ID cards
  • Ability to choose which resources your guest can access
  • Ability to set a start and end date for the visit
  • Access to the same resources as a standard university employee

Service Level Agreement

  • Guest Falcon Accounts are available 24/7 except for planned outages. Planned outages are posted on the DoTS website.
  • If there is an unplanned outage, DoTS personnel work on the incident during normal business hours and post where we stand in the process on the DoTS website.
  • Once DoTS receives all needed information, the Guest Falcon Account is set up within four business days.



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