Cisco IP Phone / Jabber

After pressing the "Request Service" button, enter these (Action > Category > Subcategory > Service):
Request Something DoTS offers > Devices > Cisco IP Phone > (and choose the service you'd like)


Cisco IP phones use the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) for transmitting and receiving phone calls.  This means that instead of having dedicated phone lines from the phone system in the building to your phone, the phones are using the wired network just like a computer, printer or other Internet network-enabled device in your office.

If the phone already exists, the device or host name is essential for us to know which phone to update.  See the Knowledge Base article on how to find that information, we only need the last 4 characters of the address.

Request this service when you:

  • would like a phone deployed or would like to activate an existing phone for a new employee 
  • would like changes to the way the phone(s) work in your area (i.e. which lines that appear, which hunt groups ring to it, etc.)
  • would like to have your voicemail PIN reset because you cannot reset it through the Personal Communication Assistant web page
  • would like to have your extension mobility PIN reset because you cannot reset it through the self-care portal
  • would like to deactivate a phone for a previous employee or use
  • would like to have a phone removed from an area
  • would like to use the Jabber soft-phone client
  • would like to have the hunt group status board added to your phone

After selecting the "request this" button, please provide information on the form that makes it easier to fulfill your request.  For example,

  • for new phones, give us the name and address of the person that the phone is for.  Also provide information on how the phone is to be set up.  "Just like Freddy's (0699)" is a valid request.  If the phone already exists, the device or host name is essential for us to know which phone to update.
  • for changes to phones, let us know if any phones in the area do work properly and you would like your phone to behave similarly. Another way to request is to give a before and after description of how things work now and how you would like them to work once the request is fulfilled.  
  • for phones you would like to deactivate, provide the name and address of the person who used to use the phone.


  • Instead of just being a voice communication device, these IP phones are now full-feature data network-driven devices that have numerous possible future applications - most notably is the flexibility to not have to move phones, phone lines, phone numbers and to involve ATT in any office moves.

Available to

  • Student Employees
  • Faculty
  • Staff

Service Level Agreement

  • Requests determined to be of a higher impact and/or urgency (preventing campus or your area from doing its job) will be prioritized highest.  Incidents at the highest levels are worked on 24/7 until resolved.  Others are worked in priority order during business hours.
  • Individual requests or less urgent requests are prioritized lower and are worked on during business hours.


  • Did you know that you can manage your phone on the self-care portal?  Some things you can work with are:
    • speed dial numbers
    • call forwarding to voicemail or a different number (local only, no long distance)


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