Equipment Dropoff/Pickup (Recycling)

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Employees can drop off equipment or request IT pick up equipment that you no longer need. If the equipment is not reused or sold at our surplus sale, it is safely recycled.


  • Prompt removal of unused IT equipment
  • Possible replacement of older equipment
  • Possible reuse of equipment on campus
    • Equipment beyond the "end of useful life" is ineligible to be reused on campus
  • Possible resale of used equipment at the Facilities Management surplus property sale

Service Level Agreement

  • Equipment is picked up within 5 business days after the request
  • Equipment pickup occurs during normal business hours
  • Equipment must be university-owned technology
  • The following is not managed by DoTS:
    • Batteries
      • Facilities Management picks up larger non-consumer grade batteries
      • Consumer batteries (e.g., AA, A, C, D) are recycled within each department. Each college and/or department office is provided with a battery recycling container
      • Sustainability (a part of Facilities Management) can answer your battery questions
    • Metal (scrap)



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