Computer or Hardware Purchase or Consultation


Stop. If this request is for a new employee, please use the Employee Onboarding service.


As of March 4, 2019, Intel is seeing a shortage in their processor availability. This affects all computers. The delay is 6-20 weeks. According to Intel, processor availability will not be back to normal until October-December 2019. We will continue to have refurbished computers available but be aware of this delay for any custom orders.


Hardware Consultation

  • Request help from DoTS in estimating hardware costs
  • Ask questions about the appropriate hardware for what you want to accomplish
  • Dovetail into UWRF technology standards and support 

Computer/Tablet Purchasing Request

  • Employees are provided a computer to use. Computers can be Windows or Mac OS, desktop or laptop.
  • Tablets are considered secondary devices and are funded by individual departments and/or colleges. Our supported tablets are
    • iPads
    • Windows Surface Pro 4
  • This service is available to
    • all permanent employees - who are provided a computer to use if deemed necessary by the supervisor of that department
    • limited-term employees (LTEs), part-time, temporary employees, and student employees - who are provided a refurbished computer


  • If you need a new office phone or one to be reprogrammed for a new employee, please use this request form.
  • If you need a cell phone, please use this request form.

When am I Eligible for a New Computer?

Other notes

  • UW-River Falls operates on a July 1 - June 30 fiscal calendar
  • Computer replacements for current faculty & staff are usually purchased during the fall term
  • Full-time General Program Revenue (GPR) employee computers are replaced every 3.5-4 years
  • All other computers (dept-funded, grant-funded, PR-funded, or other) are replaced every 4-5 years
  • All computers have an established replacement plan


  • Full-time General Program Revenue (GPR) employee computers are funded by the university replacement fund
  • Part-time, GPR Limited-Term employees, and student employees* get refurbished computers funded by the university replacement fund
                *Student employees are defined as those doing office-type work for a particular department
  • Departments are responsible for funding the initial purchase and replacement costs of the computer in the following cases. (Computers in this category should be are every 5 years.)
    • The computer is a secondary use computer.  I.e., you have a different primary computer.
    • The employee is using the computer as a research computer. (This applies to student employees as well.)
    • The employee's position is funded by a non-GPR account: Program Revenue (PR), grant-funded, or project-based funding.

Other hardware purchasing request

  • Ensure technical compatibility with our campus environment when you consult with DoTS prior to purchase
  • Place an order by giving us your university department account number and having your budget manager approve the purchase. Do not use your Procard!

Service Level Agreement

  • Consultation requests or hardware estimates require one business week to schedule time to meet and/or produce the estimate
  • DoTS is responsible for the procurement of all computer accessories regardless of funding source.  This includes, but is not limited to: desktop computers, laptops, tablets, monitors, displays (TVs), printers, keyboards, mice, and other connected peripherals.
  • Requests for new computers are reviewed by DoTS staff during normal business hours.
  • Upon receipt of the completed request, it can take 4-6 weeks for a computer and 2-3 weeks for a tablet to arrive on campus and be configured properly to work on our campus network. When it arrives on campus, you are notified to arrange for delivery to your office.
  • Blackout Dates