Employee Onboarding

After pressing the "Request Service" button, enter these (Action > Category > Subcategory > Service):
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Some technology for new employees, student employees and professional staff alike, are given automatically. Request this onboarding service to obtain additional technology for the new employee. If the employee needs only one or two additional pieces of the technology puzzle, it might be easier for you to request that technology independently via other services. Links to the services can be found in the "related services" section near the bottom of this page.

Here is a list of technology solutions that you might want ready for the new person's arrival.
✓ = Automatically set up within 24 hours of the person's employment information being entered into the Human Resource System (HRS). You do not need to request these.
❒ = Technology that can be requested
∅ = Technology that is not available for this employee type

Note: Many technologies can only be created/accessed after automated processing occurs based on information entered into HRS. So the timely submittal of paper work to the Human Resources office is critical. 
Category Technology Employee Student Employee
Equipment New computer
Equipment Refurbished computer
Equipment New office phone
Equipment Update office phone
Equipment Office phone move + update
Equipment Mobile phone
Communication Email address
Communication Microsoft Office 365 email
Communication Shared email box / calendar
Communication Microsoft Teams
Communication Emergency alerts option ✓ (Sign up to complete) ∅*
Collaboration Microsoft Office 365 calendar
Collaboration Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive for Business
Collaboration Campus drive (top level)
Collaboration Campus drive (department level)
Collaboration Other network folder access
Collaboration Email lists based on employee status/department
Collaboration Additional email lists
Access Most campus-wide software applications
Access Additional campus-wide software applications
Access Greater access to campus-wide software applications§
Access Department level software¦
MFD Departmental printing accounts
MFD Scan document to email
Security ID card/badge
Security Electronic door access Facilities Mgmt approves Facilities Mgmt approves
Security Key cabinet access Facilities Mgmt approves Facilities Mgmt approves
Security Duo token

*Sign up at password.uwrf.edu using your student Falcon Account username - the one that starts with "w"
Sometimes you can sign yourself up to additional email lists; other times the list moderator must do so
Such as eSIS, Get Funds, LinkedIn Learning, Search@UW, UW TravelWIse
§Such as eSIS functional area access
¦Access to department-level software is usually set up by the software's business owner (e.g., Reservations for Mazévo, Facilities Management for TMA)


  • Ensure that the employee has the technology and access needed complete job duties
  • One form instead of many

Available to

  • Employees
  • Student Employees
  • Personnel that prep for new employee arrivals (e.g., supervisors, program associates)


  • Computer and equipment costs depend on employee funding sources and employee type.
  • Office phone (unified communication) charges are explained in another knowledge base article.
  • There also may be costs for mobile phones.

Service Level Agreement

Timing depends on when employee appointment information is entered into the Human Resources System (HRS). Many of these technologies cannot be set up until this step is completed (and overnight processes occur to get the information to the various systems). More involved processes such as computer purchases may take 4-6 weeks to get to campus and be set up with campus resources. Also, certain times of the academic year such as term start-ups, may delay request fulfillment due to lack of available resources during these times. Other technologies listed that are not as work flow intensive or resource intensive are completed within days of HRS appointment entry.



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