Accessories or Other Hardware Purchase

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Accessories and Other Hardware Purchase

  • Employees or departments may need to purchase hardware other than laptops provided to all employees. This is the place.
  • Examples of peripherals or special hardware:
    • Non-standard mice/keyboards, monitors, cables, microphones, webcam, headsets
    • Special-use tablets like iPads or Wacom drawing tablets
    • Special-use workstation computers needed to run specialty equipment
    • Research equipment including computers
  • DoTS reviews the hardware request for the following:
    • Technical feasibility in our environment
    • Additional software included with the purchase
    • Support expectations and local subject matter expertise
  • The request is subject to all UW System policies including all security and procurement requirements.
  • It's possible DoTS will reach out to discuss your request.



  • Departments are responsible for purchasing and replacement costs of the equipment.
  • Place an order by giving us your university department account number and having your budget manager approve the purchase.
  • Do not use your Procard!

Service Level Agreement

  • Consultation requests or hardware estimates require one business week to schedule time to meet and/or produce the estimate.
  • DoTS is responsible for the procurement of all technology accessories regardless of funding source.
  • DoTS does not order actual lab research equipment but may be expected to support the computer needed to run the equipment.
  • Upon receipt of the completed request, it can take 4-6 weeks for the equipment to arrive and depending on availability, could be longer. When it arrives on campus, you are notified to arrange for delivery to your office.
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