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UWRF departments that employ students that are required to frequently release print jobs for work purposes may benefit from having a set of print release cards assigned to a student and tied back to a department account.  Student employees may also use their student employee account (S-account) to log in to release print jobs through WebPrint or on the printer without having to manage departmental print cards.  So if your student employee doesn't print often, it might be better not to have the administrative overhead of print release cards.  If your student employees frequently print, use this service to assign/unassign student employees to departmental printer release cards.


  • Student employees who are frequently required to print can more quickly release print jobs by scanning a print release card rather than entering login credentials.
  • Having people associated with printing accounts allows for real-time reporting of printing/copying activities and automated billing processes.
  • A student employee can be associated with up to two departmental printing accounts.

Available To

  • Student Employees

Service Level Agreement

  • DoTS processes requests in 72 hours.

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