Popular Services

Replacing employee computers.

Technology that is automatically given and technology that can be requested for new employees and new student employees.

Request ANYTHING DoTS offers, ask a question, request training, or request a consultation.

Request the installation, upgrade, or removal of software.

Getting items that don't fall under our normal computer replacement process.

Start the process to get greater access to your computer's configurations and other functions.

Helping to protect information from prying eyes.

Report ANYTHING not working the way it is supposed to.

For people switching Duo Mobile to a new phone where the old phone (or any previously-enrolled device) is not available.

DoTS provides commonly requested items for short term checkout to students, faculty, & staff.
Laptops have standard software installed (Internet Browsers, MS Office).

Request Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, et al.

Request help for a Cisco Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone or Jabber.

Network login access for short-term events or activities (usually less than 7 days in duration).

Learn how to use CommonSpot - UWRF's website content management software solution.

DoTS is the backup for people without multiple enrolled devices.

Set up a LISTSERV email list so you can easily email a group of people at once and reply to those people just as easily.

Moving UWRF owned computers, phones, network access, printers, etc.

BP Logix can help you with your business processes.

DoTS partners with various door hardware vendors to secure campus through the use of electronic access control.

Work with DoTS to select and order the best software solution.

Let DoTS help you with your identification card/badge needs.

What happens with IT equipment you no longer need.

Sometimes email address changes are needed. Let us help.

Request a change to the way eSIS functions.

Request new/updated software for computer labs.