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Depending on the complexity of the equipment or software, the approval process of non-standard software (which involves multiple departments) often takes several weeks or longer to complete.


You can request software updates from this page.  But first, find out if you can get the updates yourself.

  • Must be Windows 10 compatible (PCs) and OS X 10.12 compatible (Macs)
  • Must be current and supported by the software vendor
  • Must have a business case for installing (supports UWRF's mission)

Considerations when Prioritizing the Request

  • Is the requested software already supported by UWRF?
  • Do we already have an alternative supported solution?
  • Has the software already been evaluated?
  • Do we have resources (e.g., budget, staff capacity) to support the software moving forward?
  • Could the request benefit a larger audience or is it a fit for one individual/area? 
  • What licensing restrictions apply?
  • Are there security concerns with the software?
  • What is the risk to university data?


  • Software can be installed without the need for administrative credentials or elevated privileges
  • Software can be installed with "one click"

Service Level Agreement

  • Your budget manager must approve the purchase
  • You can request a software purchase 24/7 via the service catalog
  • Your request is addressed within 3 business days
  • Elapsed time between the request and the installation of the software varies
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