My Recently Visited Services

Request access to UWRF enterprise software (minus eSIS and UWBI).

Technology that is automatically given and technology that can be requested for new employees and new student employees.

Request a Falcon Account to be created for guests visiting campus for an extended period of time.

Find out about getting a mobile (cellular) phone.

Request ANYTHING DoTS offers, ask a question, request training, or request a consultation.

Report ANYTHING not working the way it is supposed to.

Reserve one of the instructional computer labs in Davee Library or the Wyman Education Building.

Request a new folder or update access to an existing FalconShare folder.

Request DoTS build or change web pages or post files to a web site for you.

Reset Falcon Account, Unlock Falcon Account, Guest Falcon Account or Network Access

Let DoTS help you with your identification card/badge needs.

Request wireless network capabilities for a location that lacks adequate service.

Request to add or remove people from printing accounts (used in charging departments for MFD/laser print/copy costs).

Request access to eSIS data beyond the standard information that is automatically provisioned.

Cell Phone: Purchase, Change, Deactivation

Manage departmental student employee print cards that students use to release print jobs that charge back to department printing accounts.

Request help for a Cisco Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone or Jabber.

Replacing employee computers.

Shared mailboxes allow multiple people to view e-mail from a common mailbox, send from a common email address, and share a common calendar.

BP Logix can help you with your business processes.

Request new/updated software for computer labs.

Set up new Chartwells personnel with technology needed to do their jobs.

For people switching Duo Mobile to a new phone where the old phone (or any previously-enrolled device) is not available.

DoTS provides commonly requested items for short term checkout to students, faculty, & staff.
Laptops have standard software installed (Internet Browsers, MS Office).