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Chalk & Wire: Cannot log in

your Falcon Account. You set up your username and password the first time you accessed Chalk and Wire. If you need assistance changing your password or regaining access to your account, contact the Teacher Education Field Experience department.

Adobe Creative Cloud: I'm getting asked to log in and I cannot

Issue: I'm getting asked to log into Adobe and I haven't had to do that before. When I try to log in, I cannot (using my Falcon Account username and password). The message I see is that I don't have

Canvas (Students): I can't access my course

Issue: I don't see my course in Canvas Environment: Student Resolution: Can you log into Canvas? If not, did you activate your Falcon Account very recently? It takes a full day after that

Virtual Private Network (VPN): Start Before Login

Client launches. Enter "" into the blank field (the field may be populated already) and select Connect When prompted, enter your Falcon Account username and password. In the Second Password field, enter the appropriate prompt (push, phone, or SMS)

Duo Multi-Factor Authentication: I'm enrolled in Duo but I'm not being prompted in Outlook

: Valid Falcon Account, enrolled in Duo MFA, accessing email from Outlook on a phone or computer Resolution: Outlook may store the last good login and not need to prompt you for a user name or password

Duo Multi-Factor Authentication: "Remember me for 12 hours" option not available

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), browser, greyed-out check box / checkbox 2 Resolutions... Resolution 1: Log into a service such as eSIS or Canvas using your Falcon Account username and

Microsoft Office 365: Invalid username or password

It could be a brute force attack against your account. ... . If you cannot, that may mean that you have another type of lock on your Falcon Account. This lock will expire automatically. If you like, you can contact DoTS to determine if your account is

Qualtrics: Account has expired

Issue: My Qualtrics account has expired Environment: Qualtrics survey software Resolution: As with almost all third-party (not developed at UWRF) software, a department other than DoTS

Outlook: Unable to Open Calendar Group

individually." Environment: Outlook, Windows, Office 365, Calendar Resolution: Turn off "Shared Calendar Improvements" in Outlook: 1. Open the Account Settings dialog in Outlook by

Microsoft Office 365: UWRF email messages are not syncing to my device when using a non-Outlook app

on mobile devices and tablets. In order for emails to sync correctly, remove the UWRF email account from the non-Outlook app. For example, in the Gmail app do this: Open the Gmail application

Printing: I move my laptop between on and off campus and I can't print

Issue: I use my laptop on campus and off campus. Sometimes I can't print; I don't even get the little box that asks me which account I'd like to charge. Environment: Employee workstations

Printing: My Print Job is in "Paused" Status

information on the account used to charge back the print job. You should see the account selection dialog appear on your computer when you submit your job. If not, here are the steps to re-launch the

Canvas: Zoom Error "Warning: User does not exist"

confirmed, an email is sent to your Outlook mailbox If you do not see the message in your inbox, check the junk folder Select Switch to the new account It will ask "Do you want

Microsoft Office 365: "Your message couldn't be delivered because you weren't recognized as a valid sender..."

..." Environment: Microsoft Outlook Resolution: Your account has likely been flagged by Microsoft as being suspected of sending spam. Please contact DoTS.

University ID Card: I lost my ID card and the Carding Office is not open

with you so that you can get access to your room. However, you won't be able to get meals using your account. There are no temporary cards in University Center to use for meals.