Printing: My Print Job is in "Paused" Status

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Issue: When I print from my campus-issued computer and look at the print queue, my print job is in a status of "Paused"

Environment: PaperCut, MFD, laser printer, print queue

Resolution: The solution to this problem depends on which queue you are printing to - one of the PrintAnywhere queues or a device queue.

PrintAnywhere Queues

When printing a job to one of the PrintAnywhere queues, it is normal for the job to be in a "Paused" state. This means that the print job is held in the queue and awaiting release at one of the campus MFDs. No action is needed from you aside from releasing the print job at one of the campus MFDs. Information on releasing print jobs can be found here.

Note: The document count you may see on your computer reflects the total number of documents held for printing across campus at that time, not the number of your documents in the queue.

Direct Print Queues (Laser & MFD)

You may have one or more "direct print" queues mapped on your computer. These queues do not utilize PrintAnywhere; as soon as you select "Print", the document starts printing. If you note jobs entering a "Paused" state on one of these queues, PaperCut is awaiting information on the account used to charge back the print job.

You should see the account selection dialog appear on your computer when you submit your job. If not, here are the steps to re-launch the PaperCut client. It is normal to see a job in the "Paused" state while waiting for the account selection. It should start printing shortly after confirming the account selection in the pop-up dialog.


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