Duo Multi-Factor Authentication: I'm enrolled in Duo but I'm not being prompted in Outlook

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Issue: I'm enrolled in Duo multi-factor authentication but I'm not being regularly prompted when accessing email on my phone or email application on my computer. What's the deal?

Environment: Valid Falcon Account, enrolled in Duo MFA, accessing email from Outlook on a phone or computer

Resolution: Outlook may store the last good login and not need to prompt you for a user name or password for a period of time. Once that time frame has expired you will be required to log back in and Duo will present itself. To speed up that process, you can log out of Outlook. The next time you log in, you will be prompted by Duo. Duo authentication will also be presented to you when you make a password change or change your device (e.g., new phone, new tablet, new computer).


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Wed 12/12/18 2:02 PM
Fri 1/4/19 11:17 AM

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