Duo Multi-Factor Authentication: "Remember me for 12 hours" option not available

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Issue: I want to select the "remember me for 12 hours" option when authenticating using Duo, but the option for me to click the box is grayed out and will not let me select it.

Environment: Duo Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), browser, greyed-out check box / checkbox

2 Resolutions...

Resolution 1:

  1. Log into a service such as eSIS or Canvas using your Falcon Account username and password and stop at the screen with the remember me for 12 hours option
  2. Select the Cancel button, then Dismiss
  3. Check the remember me for 12 hours check box
  4. Make sure your preferred Duo device is selected from the drop-down menu and select the green button for your preferred authentication option

Resolution 2:

  1. Go to the Duo Multi-Factor Authentication article
  2. Select the Enroll your device link
  3. On the Manage Your Devices / Duo Device Enrollment page, authenticate using one of the options presented
  4. Change When I log in to Ask me to choose an authentication method and save. This setting stops automatic pushes giving you the opportunity to select the remember me for 12 hours check box before your push request is sent.
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