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Falcon Account: Unable to Log In

Top reasons: expired password, locked account, no longer at UWRF. ... Issue: I am unable to log into my Falcon Account using my username and password. Environment: Falcon Account. Students and employees (faculty and staff). Also, some soon-to-be students, ex

Falcon Account: Cannot sign into

This site does not use Falcon Account credentials. ... Issue: I cannot log into using my Falcon Account username and password. I get an error message that says "invalid username or password," but I know they are correct. Environment

Falcon Account: What is my ID number (username)?

Issue: I don't remember my ID number. It helps to have that when I log into things. Environment: S number, W number, Falcon Account username Resolution: Students, soon-to-be students

Falcon Account: Alumni Access to Online Library Database

Issue: I am an alumnus that graduated over one year ago so I no longer have access to the Davee Library online database but I want access. Environment: alumni, online library database Resolution: Please visit the Circulation Desk in Davee Library to purchase a Community User account profile.

Falcon Account: Changed password off campus; cannot log in

Issue: I changed my password while off campus and now I cannot log into my computer. The error message I get is "Invalid username or password". Environment: Password changed while off campus using

Falcon Account: Cannot access UWRF services (page freezing, not loading)

Issue: I cannot log into university services (eSIS, Canvas, email, LISTSERV, and others) using my Falcon Account. Pages are freezing (or loading wheels are spinning with no windows loading

Falcon Account: Cannot access UWRF services with virtual machines installed

Issue: I cannot log into many university services (eSIS, Canvas, LISTSERV, and others) using my Falcon Account. Pages are freezing (or loading wheels are spinning with no windows loading

Falcon Account: I cannot log into the MyUW portal to access my timesheet

Resolution: Is this the first time you are attempting to access your time sheet? It may be that your student employee Falcon Account is not active. Your account is set up automatically once your

Falcon Account: I am no longer employed by UWRF but I need my tax documents

Issue: I am no longer employed by UWRF which means my Falcon Account is disabled so I can't access my tax forms. Environment: Falcon Account, disabled account, W2, tax information Resolution

Duo Multi Factor Authentication: All I see is an empty white window.

UWRF Falcon Account Login.pdf ... Issue: I'm unable to log in with Duo. The Duo window is empty/white after I enter my password. Environment: Any web browser. (Refer to the screen shot which is available on this page

Duo Multi Factor Authentication: Removing Duo Enrollment

Issue: I no longer work for the university and I no longer want my Falcon Account to use Duo multi-factor authentication but I still need to access UWRF resources  Environment: Falcon Account, Duo

Duo Multi-Factor Authentication: Add a Secondary Device

Issue: I'm trying to add a secondary device to my Duo multi-factor account so that I have a backup in case my primary device is not available. Environment: University Falcon Account, already

Microsoft Office 365: I clicked a link in a phishing email

are any email messages that were deleted without your knowledge. If you notice deleted emails, you may drag them back into your inbox. If you used your previous Falcon Account password for other

Duo Multi-Factor Authentication: Access Denied. The username you have entered cannot authenticate with Duo Security.

." Environment: Using a browser, a person having logged into a service using one Falcon Account username is trying to log into another service with a different Falcon Account username. For example, a

Duo Multi-Factor Authentication: Not working (locked out) using iPhone

Issue: I am not able to log in using my Falcon Account username and password. When it comes time to authenticate with Duo, nothing is happening - nothing is showing up on my iPhone. If I try logging