Falcon Account: Cannot access UWRF services with virtual machines installed

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Issue: I cannot log into many university services (eSIS, Canvas, LISTSERV, and others) using my Falcon Account. Pages are freezing (or loading wheels are spinning with no windows loading).

Environment: Mac/PC, loading pages for resources, not working on- or off-campus, default DNS settings, virtualization software or non-UWRF VPN installed

Resolution: Check to see if you have a virtualization or containerization product such as VMware Fusion, Oracle VirtualBox, Docker, or Parallels installed. If so, and the product is configured make use of the 172.17.xxx.xxx network address space, you will need to reconfigure it to use a different network address space such as 192.168.5.xxx.

How more information on how to change virtual network settings:

If you are using a non-UWRF virtual private network (VPN), that could cause similar behavior. If so, try disconnecting from your VPN to determine if that is the cause.


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Wed 2/19/20 2:26 PM
Thu 9/1/22 4:34 PM

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