Falcon Account: Cannot access UWRF services (page freezing, not loading)

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Issue: I cannot log into university services (eSIS, Canvas, email, LISTSERV, and others) using my Falcon Account. Pages are freezing (or loading wheels are spinning with no windows loading).

Environment: Mac/PC, loading pages, wireless, not working on campus but working off campus


First, try another browser or clear cache in the browser you are using. If that does not solve the issue, follow the steps below.

Test your DNS settings at go.uwrf.edu/ip. You should see this message: "You are connected to the UWRF network, and you are using the Internal DNS servers."

If you see "You are connected to the UWRF network, however your DNS settings are configured in a way in which you may not be able to access UWRF resources" then check the DNS settings under your network adapter (wireless or wired) and make sure the settings match UWRF local DNS settings. DoTS recommends that your DNS be configured to obtain DNS server address automatically. Once you change your DNS server to be configured automatically, restarting the device is the best way to finish updating the settings. 

UWRF DNS addresses (not a complete list):

Examples of non-UWRF DNS addresses: (Cloudflare) (Cloudflare) (Google) (Google)

Some software will bypass your DNS settings, triggering the same symptoms:

  • Avast
  • AVG Antivirus Pro
    • If DNS settings are correct, the solution may be to turn off Fake Website Shield. To disable Fake Website Shield, select the Payments tile on the main AVG screen, select the green slider under Fake Website Shield and select Yes to confirm the action. The slider then changes to red.


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