Duo Multi-Factor Authentication: Removing Duo Enrollment

Tags Incident

Issue: I no longer work for the university and I no longer want my Falcon Account to use Duo multi-factor authentication but I still need to access UWRF resources 

Environment: Falcon Account, Duo, former student employee, former employee


  • Log into the Duo portal at https://www3.uwrf.edu/duo/ (You use Duo multi-factor authentication to access the Duo portal. That makes sense.)
    • If you no longer have any devices registered with Duo, contact DoTS
  • For each device, select Device Options and delete (trash can)*
  • Wait 30 minutes while Duo works through your account

*If you are trying to remove the last device from your account you need DoTS assistance. Please contact DoTS for last device removal.


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Tue 2/12/19 1:18 PM
Mon 12/5/22 2:33 PM