Duo Multi-Factor Authentication: Add a Secondary Device

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Issue: I'm trying to add a secondary device to my Duo multi-factor account so that I have a backup in case my primary device is not available.

Environment: University Falcon Account, already enrolled in Duo or currently enrolling in Duo multi-factor authentication (MFA)


  1. As shown in the Duo knowledge article, visit the Duo portal
  2. Log in with your Falcon Account username and password
  3. Authenticate using Duo. (If you haven't configured Duo yet, you will be prompted to set up a device.)
  4. Below your list of current devices, click Add another device
  5. Save your settings

(You can also view settings for your other devices on this page.)

For more information, see Duo's enrollment page.


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Tue 12/11/18 3:23 PM
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