Falcon Account: Unable to Log In

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Issue: I am unable to log into my Falcon Account using my username and password.

Environment: Falcon Account. Students and employees (faculty and staff). Also, some soon-to-be students, ex-students and ex-employees. Possibly browser/browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer (IE)


  1. Assuming you are entering your correct username and password, a common reason you might not be able to log in is that your password has expired. Visit password.uwrf.edu to change your password through the "change password" option (if you remember the previous password) or the "forgotten password" option (using your recovery options).
  2. Another reason that you cannot log in could be that you are locked out of your account. Lockouts occur when you have exceeded a certain number of login attempts within a certain time period. You can either wait for the lockout to expire or you can contact DoTS to have your account unlocked.
    • Often a lockout happens right after changing a password and a person has other devices like a smart phone or tablet that is set up to automatically access Falcon Account resources such as email. That other device is continually trying to log in using the old password and failing which means your account lockout will never expire - you will continue to be locked out. If you think this is happening to you, update your password on these devices. It is best to change the password on these devices as part of your regular "change password" process.
  3. If you are a new student employee logging in with your Falcon Account username that begins with an 'S', it may be that you never set up your student employee ('S') Falcon Account. Your student ('W') and student employee ('S') accounts are different/separate.
  4. If you are logging in via a browser, it could be that your browser's cache has saved an old password and is using that to log you in. In order to fix this, clear your browser's cache and restart your browser.
  5. If you are no longer a student or an employee, you may no longer have access to resources through your Falcon Account. Students usually have access one year after their last term at UWRF; employee access ends at different times based on your contract end date and depending on your employee classification.
  6. If you have changed your password while off-campus and not on a VPN, your computer password will not change until you have your computer back on campus or you access the VPN. Your Falcon Account will still work to log you into systems, but not the device.


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