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Printing: PDF Documents Printing Small

First page of PDF document is printing very small. ... Issue: When printing a PDF document from Adobe Acrobat, the first page prints very small and is unreadable. Environment: Adobe Acrobat DC, Adobe Reader DC Resolution: There are a couple of

Printing: Printing is taking a long time

Incident: I am trying to print and it is taking a long time. Environment: MFD, Printing, Image, Images, Picture, Pictures Resolution: When releasing print jobs on campus, occasionally the job

Printing: Waste Toner Full

Issue: The Konica Minolta MFD will not print. The orange error indicator light is on and a message indicating that the waste toner is full is on the display. Environment: Konica Minolta Multi

Printing: Orange "Print Error" Light

printing, orange light, non-standard printing Resolution: If the orange "print error" light is on and there is a message on the display stating the waste toner is full, go to the waste toner is

Printing: My Print Job is in "Paused" Status

solution to this problem depends on which queue you are printing to - one of the PrintAnywhere queues or a device queue. PrintAnywhere Queues When printing a job to one of the PrintAnywhere queues

Printing: Web portal does not upload documents

Issue: When attempting to upload any file type (Word, Powerpoint, PDF, etc.) to the PaperCut Web Portal, the files fail to upload and I get this error message: "Server responded with 401 error code

Printing: ID card fails to log into MFD

Issue: When attempting to log into a campus Konica Minolta MFD, the card reader beeps but the device does not log in. It remains on the "Username and Password" input screen. Environment: Konica

Printing: Konica Minolta MFD C-0214 Error

Issue: The Konica Minolta Multi-Function Device (MFD) is displaying a C-0214 error code and/or is displaying a message that Tray 3 is disabled. Environment: Konica Minolta MFD, Large Capacity Tray

Printing: MFD Out of Toner; Replacement Has Not Arrived

Issue: Our Multi-Function Device (MFD) is out of toner after a significant amount of printing and a replacement toner has not yet been received. Note: The automatic toner ordering system is based

Printing: "Error type: Device Lock" on the MFD Display

, printing, PaperCut, device lock Resolution:  The message indicates that there may be an issue with the device. Ensure all paper trays are loaded with paper and check the machine for paper jams. Reboot the device using the master power switch. This force-resets the application.

Printing: Unable to print to a personal wireless printer while connected to VPN

Issue: I cannot print to my wireless printer while connected to the VPN. Environment: Cisco AnyConnect, university workstation, faculty, staff Resolution: Disconnect from the VPN

Printing: The MFD's log out button doesn't log me out

Issue:  When I tap the Log Out button to the right of the MFD display (may be labeled Access on some MFD models), the MFD does not actually sign me out. Environment:  Konica Minolta MFD, PaperCut

Printing: I move my laptop between on and off campus and I can't print

being released at an MFD, follow the steps outlined in the "Selecting an Account at the MFD" section in the Printing: Shared Accounting article to select an account at the device.) If all else fails

Class Climate: "Document could not be printed"

, Printing, PrintAnywhere Resolution: When printing the report, select the Advanced button next to the printer selection drop-down and check the box to Print as image. The document will then print normally.