Printing: MFD Out of Toner; Replacement Has Not Arrived

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Issue: Our Multi-Function Device (MFD) is out of toner after a significant amount of printing and a replacement toner has not yet been received.

Note: The automatic toner ordering system is based on an "estimated empty date" calculated from historical usage. In most cases, this ensures that toner is shipped and available prior to the cartridge being exhausted. Toner shortages typically arise during periods of heavy usage following a break. DoTS continues to actively work with our vendor to minimize the impact to operations from this situation.

Environment: MFD (multi-function device), MFP (multi-function printer)

Resolution: Toner is on the way. To check on its status, contact DoTS or call the number on the yellow tag on the MFD. As a quick work-around, other MFDs are available on campus. See our MFD Location article for more information.


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Mon 8/13/18 3:10 PM
Mon 8/14/23 3:17 PM

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