Printing: Konica Minolta MFD Tray 3 Error

Tags Incident

Issue: The Konica Minolta Multi-Function Device (MFD) is displaying a C-0214 error code and/or is displaying a message that Tray 3 is disabled.

Environment: Konica Minolta MFD, Large Capacity Tray (LCT), Error C-0214, Error C-214

Resolution: This error code indicates that the device cannot detect the position of paper stacked in the Large Capacity Tray (LCT), typically Tray 3. This is most often caused by improperly loaded paper in Tray 3. See the below images for examples. Once the paper has been re-loaded, power off and power on the device to reset the tray.

Paper Loading Examples

Improperly Loaded Paper - overlap of orange sensor bar at the back of the tray.


Properly Loaded Paper - stacks fully separated, and orange sensor bar is properly positioned.


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Thu 2/21/19 12:41 PM
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