Printing: Orange "Print Error" Light

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Issue: I am trying to print (I released a print job to the printer) and I'm not getting my printout. The orange light on the left side of the display is on or blinking.

Environment: MFD printing, orange light, non-standard printing


If the orange "print error" light is on and there is a message on the display stating the waste toner is full, go to the waste toner is full article for a resolution.

If the orange LED is blinking, a warning is present that doesn't prevent the device from printing (E.g., toner low or hole punch scrap bin full). The warning message may be viewed by using the same process as outlined below.

The orange "Print Error" LED illuminates when the printer is unable to complete a job due to a device or paper problem. Most commonly, this stems from the print job being submitted with an unusual paper size (not 8.5"x11" or 11"x17"). So let's select another paper size. The steps:

  1. Log into the machine using your campus ID card, and tap the "Device Functions" card on the main PaperCut screen.
  2. Then select the Disp. Warning button (outlined in red here). 

  1. You will see a box listing the error(s) that are holding up the queue. Resolve the errors to resume printing.
    1. For incorrect paper size, on the dialog box that appears, select a tray from which to print the job that most closely matches the paper size of your print job.


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