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Canvas: Is Canvas down?

Issue: I cannot get into Canvas. Is Canvas down or is it just me? Environment: Canvas, on campus, off campus Resolution: To see if it is a Canvas outage, check If

Canvas: Adding TAs to a roster

Issue: Canvas is showing "pending" by teaching assistants' names and they are not seeing our class on their Canvas home page. Environment: Canvas, Adding instructor, Teaching Assistant, TA

Canvas: Zoom Error "Warning: User does not exist"

Issue: When entering a course in Canvas, I select the Zoom link in the left-hand navigation and get this error: Warning User does not exist: Error Code 1001

Canvas: Can I trust this email from

Issue: I got an email from Is it for real? Environment: email received from Resolution: Canvas sends email notifications to course members starting when a

Canvas (Students): I can't access my course

It could be that your information hasn't made it into Canvas or the instructor has things set up in Canvas so that you cannot see content at this time. ... Issue: I don't see my course in Canvas Environment: Student Resolution: Can you log into Canvas? If not, did you activate your Falcon Account very recently? It takes a full day after that

Canvas: Respondus LockDown Browser will not install; feature transfer error

Issue: Respondus LockDown Browser will not install correctly. A feature transfer error is displayed during install. Environment: personal (not owned by UWRF) Windows computer Resolution: Before

Canvas (Students): LockDown Browser Requires Administrator Credentials on Lab Computer

already installed on these computers. Installing the non-lab version will prevent use of LockDown Browser on lab computers. Please search "LockDown Browser" via the Start Menu (Windows) or the Spotlight Search (Mac). Open the application and then log into Canvas. You can then take your quiz.

Canvas (Instructors): I am not listed as the instructor of a class but I should be

Issue: I am not the instructor for a class and I should be. Environment: Employee, Faculty, Instructor, eSIS, Canvas Resolution: If you are not the instructor on record in eSIS but should

Canvas (Students): Respondus LockDown Browser is not working for me so I can't take my quiz

Issue: I am unable to launch LockDown Browser for an online quiz on Canvas. Environment: LockDown Browser, Canvas, quiz, test Resolution:  Clear the cache on your browser (all history

LockDown Browser: Cannot Launch on a University Computer

or launching Respondus through Canvas, launch Respondus from the Windows start menu: Start > Respondus > Lockdown Browser 2 Lab. It's already on the computer and won't prompt for administrative credentials.

Falcon Account: Cannot access UWRF services with virtual machines installed

Issue: I cannot log into many university services (eSIS, Canvas, LISTSERV, and others) using my Falcon Account. Pages are freezing (or loading wheels are spinning with no windows loading

Duo Multi-Factor Authentication: "Remember me for 12 hours" option not available

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), browser, greyed-out check box / checkbox 2 Resolutions... Resolution 1: Log into a service such as eSIS or Canvas using your Falcon Account username and

Falcon Account: Cannot access UWRF services (page freezing, not loading)

Issue: I cannot log into university services (eSIS, Canvas, email, LISTSERV, and others) using my Falcon Account. Pages are freezing (or loading wheels are spinning with no windows loading

Microsoft Office 365: Invalid username or password

prompting!) Immediately change your password. Contact DoTS for assistance in researching the situation. Can you log into a different service such as eSIS or Canvas? If you can