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Software: Unable to install applications from the App Store

Issue: I am unable to access the Apple App Store on my university iPad or Mac to add new applications. Environment: university-owned iPad or Mac, applications, app store Resolution: The App

University ID Card: I lost my ID card and the Carding Office is not open

Issue: I lost my ID card, the Carding Office is closed, and I'd like to use it to eat and/or get into my residence hall before the Carding Office re-opens. Environment: ID card misplaced, lost, or

Falcon Account: What is my ID number (username)?

Issue: I don't remember my ID number. It helps to have that when I log into things. Environment: S number, W number, Falcon Account username Resolution: Students, soon-to-be students: Your

University Computer: Windows Workstation Password out of Sync

Issue: After changing my password through Password Self-Service, my UWRF-issued Windows workstation is still using my old password to log in. Environment: Off-campus, Windows, password change

Screen Sharing Applications: Macs cannot share screen

Also an issue with WebEx and Zoom. Issue: Newer versions of macOS (10.15 Catalina and higher) no longer automatically give apps permission to record the screen, or use the camera or microphone. You

Microsoft Office 365: Invalid username or password

Issue: I’m attempting to log into university email and an "Invalid username or password" message appears even though I’m entering the correct username and password. Environment: University Outlook

University Computer: My external monitors are not displaying

Issue: After coming back from a conference room where I used my laptop with the conference room monitors, I find that my regular external monitors are no longer working. Environment: Laptop

University Computer: BitLocker Error

Issue: I am receiving an error that contains the term "BitLocker" Environment: PC, computer Resolution: As a first step try rebooting the computer.  Please contact DoTS for further

Cisco IP Phone: Why doesn't my phone ring?

Issue: My phone isn't ringing and I should be getting calls. Environment: Cisco IP Phone Resolution: Check out these possible reasons... The "Do not disturb" function is enabled

iClicker: The remote is not turning on

Issue: The remote iClicker is not turning on. Environment: classroom, classroom technology Resolution: Verify that the batteries are installed correctly and that they are not dead. If new

Class Climate: "Document could not be printed"

Issue: When attempting to print a PDF report from Class Climate, a message indicating that "The document could not be printed" appears. Environment: Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, Class Climate, PDF

Duo Multi-Factor Authentication: Forgot my phone

Issue: I don't have my phone with me. How do I continue the login process? Environment: forgot phone, smartphone, smart phone, mobile phone, mobile device, tablet, Duo Mobile app/application

Duo Multi-Factor Authentication: "You do not have a sufficient Identity Assurance Level"

Issue: I'm logging into Web Clock and get this message: "You do not have a sufficient Identity Assurance Level (IAL) to access this service. If you continue to encounter this issue, please contact the

Duo Multi-Factor Authentication: Identity Assurance Level (IAL) Error Message

Issue: When I am attempting to log in with Duo, I receive this error message: "You do not have a sufficient Identity Assurance Level (IAL) to access this service. If you continue to encounter this

Poynt Terminal: Cash Drawer Won't Open

Issue: Poynt cash drawer will not open when prompted or when a cash sale is completed. Environment: Poynt credit card terminal Resolution: On the main home screen, be sure that a user is