Motorola Symbol LS2208 Barcode Scanner: Not Working

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Issue: I can't get any of the Motorola Symbol LS2008 barcode scanners we use in the library and archives to work on my computer. I have tried three separate barcode scanners (all the same model) and none of them work. The device appears in my "bluetooth & other devices" list in settings so I am unclear why it won't work.

Environment: Windows 10


  • Note: The barcodes need to be printed so that the scanner can scan them. The scanner cannot scan ones displayed on a monitor.
  1. Upon plugging in your scanner, verify your computer recognizes it as an HID keyboard interface.
  • In the task bar, go to the search bar (pictured below) and type in "Control Panel"

  • Once the Control Panel appears, go into Devices and Printers (highlighted)

  • If the scanner shows up under Devices and has a keyboard icon to it, go to Step 2
  • If the scanner shows up under Unspecified (which appears as another line under Printers), contact DoTS to install the 123Scan utility found here:
    • Note for the DoTS technician: Launch the application, go to Data, select (double click) the scanner, and tell it to emulate HID keyboard which should tell the computer that the scanner is to be treated as a keyboard.
  1. The type of barcodes that the Library uses are called Codabar which are disabled by default in the LS2208. We need to enable them.


  1. To strip off the start and stop codes (the letters at the beginning and end of the barcode), scan the barcode to enable NOTIS editing.

  • Your scanner should now be able to scan just the numbers associated with any given Library barcode. If you are still encountering issues after following these instructions, contact DoTS, have them reference ticket 15231706 for a starting place of support, and reference this article so they’ll know what troubleshooting has been done to this point.



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