Printing: Printing & Copying Rates

In an effort to keep fees low and to reduce waste, UWRF charges for printing. The cost of printing covers paper, toner and maintenance/support of the printers.
Rates as of February 1, 2021...

Konica Minolta Multifunction Device (MFD) Rates

Black & White

  • Duplex (Double-sided):  $0.06/side
  • Simplex (Single-sided):  $0.07/page


  • Duplex (Double-sided):  $0.20/side
  • Simplex (Single-sided):  $0.22/page

Network HP Laser Printer Rates

Black & White:

  • Duplex (Double-sided):  $0.12/side
  • Simplex (Single-sided):  $0.13/page


  • Duplex (Double-sided):  $0.43/side
  • Simplex (Single-sided):  $0.45/page

Now You Know

  • If you are printing a "one page" document, it doesn't matter if you choose duplex or simplex - you will get the single-page rate. The duplex rate is essentially a discount for printing double-sided.
  • If you are printing a document that is black and white or a combination of black/white pages and color pages and choose to print it as color, you are charged the cheaper black and white rate for the pages that are completely black and white and the more expensive color rate for pages that have any color.
  • Color vs. black and white detection is performed on a per-page basis. If there is any color elements on the page at all, the page is charged at the color rate regardless of coverage.

Student Printing Allocation

Each undergraduate student is provided a print allocation of $10 at the beginning of fall, winter, spring, and summer terms. The print allocation balance is used first. When the print allocation has insufficient funds to release a print job, PaperCut will automatically switch over to Falcon Dollars. You can purchase Falcon Dollars online through the Get Funds website, at the Carding Office or at the University Center Information Desk.

Note: If both the print allocation and Falcon Dollars balances are less than the cost to print your document, printing will be denied until additional funds are added to your account.