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UWRF utilizes PaperCut software to provide printing, copying, and scanning functionality (and related accounting) to campus. If you (faculty, staff, student, or member of the public) print, copy, or scan on campus, you are using PaperCut. Advantages of PaperCut include:

  • Secure print release: Jobs submitted to the PrintAnywhere queues are not actually printed until you are at the printer. This helps to prevent someone accidentally picking up your documents.
  • Printer Choice: PaperCut offers "PrintAnywhere" job release, where you can release any print job you submitted to the PrintAnywhere queues at any Konica Minolta multi-functional device (MFD) on campus with a wave of your campus ID card.
  • WebPrint: WebPrint provides a convenient way to upload documents for printing when off campus or when you are using a personal device. The jobs are held in the PrintAnywhere queues and await you to release them at the MFD.
  • Environmentally Responsible: PaperCut helps UWRF reduce waste by cutting down on accidental print jobs as well as encouraging more environmentally-friendly behavior such as duplex printing. You may also cancel jobs at the printer to save paper and toner if they are not needed.
  • Convenient: The cost of toner, paper, and the device are all factored into the per-page rate that you pay. People and departments pay only for what is used - no toner stock ordering needed! Marco automatically1 ships replacement toner for most devices on campus to keep the devices supplied and ready for use!

1Devices must be connected to the UWRF network and properly configured to take advantage of this feature. Please contact DoTS with any questions or to get your device set up for automated toner ordering. These devices must also be enrolled in the UWRF Managed Print program to automate toner ordering. This service is not available for ink-based printers where ink and paper are the financial responsibility of the department.


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