Printing: Supply Ordering

Out of ink? Out of toner? Out of staples? Out of paper?

Toner (Tubes & Cartridges)

Depending on the type of printer, toner is managed differently.

  • Network Printers: For MFDs (multi-function devices) and networked laser printers, toner tubes and cartridges are automatically ordered. Marco monitors toner levels and estimated empty dates based on device usage patterns and ships toner when a device is near empty. Central Stores maintains the list of delivery locations. If you have a networked printer and toner is not being delivered, contact DoTS so we can include your location.
  • Non-network devices covered under Managed Print Services (look for the orange/yellow Marco sticker on the printer): Toner may be ordered directly by calling the number on the sticker or by contacting DoTS (we can help facilitate).

Staples (MFD)

Staples are supplied by our campus Managed Print Service (MPS) contract. Staple cartridges are NOT automatically ordered; they may be ordered by calling the number on the orange/yellow sticker on the front of the MFD. There is no charge to order staples.

Paper Ordering

Any printer that is in the Marco managed print service (look for a sticker on the device) is supplied with any of the following types of paper from Facilities Management/Central Stores. To order paper, fill out the Multi-function Device (MFD) and Laser Paper order form and your paper will be delivered. Your department does not incur a charge.

Note: Paper for ink-based (ink jet) printers must be ordered using the Central Stores order form and your department will be charged. Likewise, any specialty paper (stationery, envelopes, etc.) must be ordered using the Central Stores order form and your department is charged.

White Paper (20#)

  •     0440 - 8.5 x 11 White Paper (letter)
  •     0441 - 8.5 x 14 White Paper (legal)
  •     0442 - 11 x 17 White Paper (tabloid)

Colored Paper 8.5 x 11 (letter - 20#)

  •     0444 Blue (reams)
  •     0445 Canary (reams)
  •     0446 Green (reams)
  •     0448 Goldenrod (reams)
  •     0447 Pink (reams)
  •     0439 Cherry (reams)
  •     0439 Tan (reams)
  •     0439 Ivory (reams)
  •     0439 Buff (reams)
  •     0439 Salmon (reams)
  •     0439 Gray (reams)
  •     0439 Orchid (reams)


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