Printing: How to Print 11x17 to a Multifunction Device

All of our multifunction devices (MFDs) can print in 11x17 format. 11x17 paper is not standard. However, it can be ordered by following the instructions here. Students: You may need to work with the department near where you are printing to get 11x17 paper or bring your own.

  1. Format your document (Word, PDF, etc..) to be 11x17.
  2. Send your job to the printer using PrintAnywhere (Web Print or client).
  3. Open the manual bypass tray on the right-side of the printer, unfold the tray and load 11x17 paper.
  4. Release your print job. (The printer automatically detects the bypass tray and prints your job.)
  5. Remove any extra paper and close the bypass tray.
If you want to setup a tray to always have 11x17 paper, contact DoTS to help set that up.


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