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Falcon Account: Changing and Maintaining Your Password

Changing Your Password

You can change your Falcon account password at the Password Self-Service website by selecting the Change Password option. If you're connected to the campus network and logged in using a University-owned device, you can also use Control-Alt-Delete (Windows) or the Users & Groups pane in System Preferences (Macintosh).

Password Expiration

Standard Falcon Account and student employee account passwords expire after 180 days though accounts for people working in areas with access to certain types of data may expire more frequently, such as after 60 days.

Expiration Reminders

You can subscribe to password expiration reminders by visiting the Password Self-Service website and selecting the option to update your password self-service profile.  Expiration reminders are sent out once per week to subscribers whose password will expire within 15 days.  See related articles to the right for help on updating your profile.

How to Tell That Your Password Is Expiring

University-owned computers connected to the campus network display a warning message when logging in with a Falcon Account starting 14 days prior to the account password expiration. If you get such a warning, it will include the opportunity to set a new one.  This warning does not appear for Macintosh users who have password policies more restricted than the default such as those persons with access to restricted information.

Mac Login Window Password Expiration Warning or Windows Password Expiration Warning

When an account password does expire, most services and applications utilizing Falcon Accounts (including eSIS, D2L and e-mail) display an error message indicating that the username or password is incorrect. Each of these services have a link on the login page to the Password Self-Service where you can change your password.

For further details, there is an knowledge base article on creating your own password.

Smart Phones and Tablets

When your password expires, you can encounter significant difficulties if you have mobile devices configured to access Falcon Account resources such as your e-mail.  If you change your password without updating your mobile device, it will continue to try to access your account with your old invalid password and may cause security lockouts.  Please update your password on your mobile device as soon as possible after verifying your new password is working for you.

University-owned Laptops

University-owned laptops maintain a cached (encrypted) password which is checked when you log into them off the UWRF network.  They must be connected to the UWRF network in order for you to log into them the first time and establish this cache.  Once your password expires and you set a new one, you will need to connect the laptop to the UWRF network again in order to log into the laptop with the new password.  For that reason, we highly recommend changing your password before leaving campus with a laptop if you expect your password may expire while you're gone.  Otherwise, you will need to continue to use your old password for accessing the computer applications and files while using the new one to log into e-mail, D2L and other web-based services using your Falcon Account.

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