Password Self-Service: Error messages

One of the most common causes of password self-service errors is that the Falcon Account you are trying to use has been disabled.

  • Applicants: the term you are an applicant for must be the current or a future term and not in the past
  • Admitted students: the term you are admitted for must be the current or a future term
  • Undergraduate students: you must have been enrolled in a class for credit at UWRF within the past year or participating in a dual-degree offering
  • Graduate students: you must have been enrolled in a class for credit at UWRF within the past 2 years
  • Employees: you must have a current contract on record, or in the case of faculty and academic staff, be within the 4 month grace access period following

If you aren't meeting the criteria above, that can be a root cause of one or more of the errors below. For more details on when access is given or removed, please visit the related article when is access given or removed.

Unable to find username

This can happen if your Falcon Account doesn't exist yet or if one of the pieces of information provided (account name, SSN or birthdate) is incorrect. If you believe your account should accessible and are getting this error, please submit a request for assistance and provide your Falcon Account/ID and the date/time you tried to use Password Self-Service.

PWM 5021: Your account is not eligible for activation

To enhance security, you can only activate or register your account once. Log in with your username and password or use the forgotten password option to access Password Self-Service. If you were unable to complete activation and don't have forgotten password options set up, call the DoTS Service Center for assistance.

PWM 5023: Maximum login attempts for your userID have been exceeded. Try again later.

Password Self-Service has a lockout feature that locks access for a period of 6 minutes. Please wait for the lock to clear.

PWM 5024: Maximum login attempts for ip address have been exceeded.  Try again later.

Password Self-Service has protection features to prevent someone from attempting to brute force access a list of accounts from the same computer. This lock clears on its own after 30 minutes. You can either wait for the lock to clear or use a different computer to access the site.

PWM 5025: Maximum login attempts for this session have been exceeded. Try again later.

Try quitting and restarting your browser, using a different browser (or a different computer), or waiting for the session to expire.

PWM 5034: Invalid Form ID

The web browser presented an invalid link. Try clearing your web browser's cache and restarting it, or try a different web browser.

PWM 5063: A security violation has occurred.  Please try again later.

This error can happen if the password self-service session is invalid or expired but your browser tries to use it anyway. To resolve it, you can use a different browser, quit and re-open the browser displaying the error, or start a private browsing/incongnito session.

PWM 5065: Account is disabled

This error will happen if you try to log in or reset a forgotten password when your Falcon Account is disabled. See the information near the top of this article regarding access.

PWM 5069: Maximum login attempts for your userID have been exceeded. Try again later.

Please wait an hour for the lock to clear. If you cannot wait, please contact DoTS.

PWM 5090: Your account hasn't been configured for this option...

This happens if you attempt to use the Forgotten Password option but don't have any recovery methods (secret questions, SMS phone, or alternate email) set up yet. Activate/Register your account or contact DoTS and verify your identity for additional assistance.

I can't enter my username for Forgotten Password

If you repeatedly get error 5090 (above), you need to quit and restart your browser, try a different browser, or wait 5 minutes for your visitor session to expire.


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