Password Self-Service: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Password Self-Service?

Password Self-Service is a web-based tool for setting and maintaining passwords for UWRF network accounts, including both Falcon Accounts (starting with a W) and student employee accounts (starting with an S).

Where is the Password Self-Service Portal?

Why does Password Self-Service require challenge questions?

The challenge questions are used to verify the visitor's identity when resetting a forgotten password rather than using social security numbers and birth dates. Since usage of social security numbers should be limited whenever possible, security challenge questions are a reasonable alternative. Birth dates are often readily obtainable from a number of sources (such as Facebook), making that information a poor question for verification. Password Self-Service keeps a database of challenges for each account and presents a few of them at random to verify the account holder's identity. These responses are encrypted and not readable by anyone. An additional challenge is kept for future use by DoTS to verify phone caller identities if needed. This information is required even if you have a cell phone or alternate e-mail configured to ensure that at least one reset option is available to everyone all the time.

How were the challenge questions chosen?

Good challenge questions need to meet some straight-forward criteria. For any given individual, the answers to them should meet the following criteria: safe (not easily researched), stable (doesn't change over time), memorable (can remember), simple (precise, easy and consistent), and has many possible answers.

With the the widespread availability of personal information through social networks such as Facebook, the task of choosing acceptable challenge questions has become more difficult since researching answers is easier to do. Additional challenges are presented by the fact that the vast majority of account holders are young which makes some questions either not applicable or more easily researched than for someone with more life experience. Since most people are inexperienced at choosing good security questions, DoTS elected not to present that as an option but rather provide a list of pre-chosen questions.

For more information and discussion on this topic, visit the following sites:

Can I get a password sent to my phone or an alternate e-mail address?

We cannot send a password via e-mail or text message but you can use Password Self-Service to request a reset validation code be sent to a configured address or number.  See Updating your Profile for information on configuring an alternate address and/or text phone number.

Where can I get help with registering my account or changing my password in Password Self-Service?

Refer to the related articles on this page. As always, if the links above are not of assistance, contact DoTS.


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