Cisco IP Phone

Cisco IP phones use the Internet Protocol (IP) for transmitting and receiving phone calls.  This means that instead of having dedicated phone wires from the phone system in the building to your phone, the phones are using the wired computer network just like a computer, printer or other Internet network-enabled device in your office. 

Instead of just being a voice communication device, these IP phones are now full-feature data network-driven devices that have numerous possible future applications - most notably is the flexibility to not have to move phones, phone lines, phone numbers and to involve ATT in any office moves. There are also soft-phones that use your computer or tablet as the phone device for those that desire.

This page is the base of all knowledge base articles and services that are defined in relation to the UW-River Falls deployment of this technology across the university.  This is the perfect page to bookmark in your browser for returning later when needed.

User Manuals

Cisco 8841 IP Desk/Wall Phone Cisco Unity Connection Voice Mail with Outlook Integration
Cisco 7925G IP Wi-Fi Cordless Phone


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