Equipment: Recycling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is UWRF's recycling/reselling/refurbishing philosophy?

The Division of Technology Services is committed to the sustainable reuse of campus-owned equipment. We have several programs in place to address used equipment.

As equipment ages and is rotated, our first step is to evaluate the possibility of refurbishing and reusing as secondary computing equipment. If the equipment is not able to be reused on campus it's evaluated for possible resale.

Facilities Management holds a monthly surplus sale and we work closely to provide computers at fair market value. Equipment is typically older than 5 years and has outlived its usefulness on campus. Go to for more information. You can subscribe to their email list.

Equipment identified as "not-saleable" is recycled with a vendor.

How do I get equipment removed from my office?

Click on the Request Service button at the top of the service page. You are then prompted to enter information in the form and a technician will then pick up the equipment.

Do you take batteries?

We can take batteries for you, although we then turn them over to the Sustainability Office at Facilities. You can contact Facilities directly for battery pickup (as well as chemicals and scrap metal).

I am leaving UWRF, can I buy my old computer from DoTS?

No. Computers that still have useful life are refurbished for use on campus. All software licenses on the computer belongs to UWRF/UW-System.

Can I buy the older equipment from DoTS?

You cannot purchase equipment directly from us. Facilities Management has a surplus property sale every second Friday of the month and often has older computers and peripherals for sale. Check out their site:

The state of Wisconsin also has an online auction. UWRF has some items available on this site along with other UW schools and agencies.

Does the university recycle personally-owned electronics?

No. The university can not recycle personally-owned computers or other electronic equipment as we have to pay an outside company to recycle our e-waste.


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