Microsoft Office 365: Invalid username or password

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Issue: I’m attempting to log into university email and an "Invalid username or password" message appears even though I’m entering the correct username and password.

Environment: University Outlook account. On campus using an Outlook client or off campus using either an Outlook client or web browser. Wired and wireless network. Cannot log in, or can log in but cannot do so again soon afterward.

Resolution: It could be that your account is locked out due to someone trying to access it using a brute force attack. The lock out is designed to work this way - making it harder for anyone other than you to access your account.

  1. If you have received any unexpected Duo (multi-factor authentication) prompts*
    • Press deny on the prompt. (Do not press approve if you did not initiate the prompting!)
    • Immediately change your password.
    • Contact DoTS for assistance in researching the situation.
  2. Can you log into a different service such as eSIS or Canvas?
    • If you can, that may mean you have a certain lock on your Outlook account. This lock will expire automatically. Until that time, you should be able to access Outlook on the web from a UWRF campus network connection.
    • If you cannot, that may mean that you have another type of lock on your Falcon Account. This lock will expire automatically. If you like, you can contact DoTS to determine if your account is indeed locked in this manner and we can expedite things for you.

DoTS is unable to prevent external access lockouts if a third party is actively trying to log into your account. DoTS can manually unlock your account, but if your account is being attacked, it most likely will be locked again within a short period of time.

*If you are enrolled in Duo multi-factor authentication (all faculty, staff, student employees and some students are) and you have not received an unexpected Duo prompt, the attacker does not have your password.


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