Duo Multi-Factor Authentication: Stopped receiving push notifications on my phone

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Issue: I stopped receiving push notifications on Duo Mobile.

Environment: smartphone, smart phone, mobile phone, mobile device, tablet, Duo Mobile app/application


  1. Do you have internet access? If not, use the passcode that Duo Mobile provides.
  2. Are you accidentally trying to log in with another person's userid because that userid was saved in the web browser? (This is usually because you are using a borrowed computer or someone recently borrowed yours.)
  3. Is the Duo Mobile app allowed to send notifications? If not, change your device settings to allow them to be sent.
  4. Other possibilities.
A key to avoiding certain problems is to know that the Duo Mobile app has the ability to generate a passcode even without an internet connection.


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Fri 9/28/18 2:59 PM
Wed 2/3/21 4:22 PM