Duo Multi-Factor Authentication: Lost my phone

Tags Incident

Issue: I lost my phone. It actually might have been stolen. What do I do?

Environment: lost phone, misplaced phone, stolen phone, smartphone, smart phone, mobile phone, mobile device, tablet, Duo Mobile app/application

Resolution: 1) Use another previously-enrolled device to go to the Duo portal to remove your lost/stolen phone and to generate a bypass code or 2) contact DoTS to remove your phone for you and to get you a bypass code.

A key to avoiding certain problems is to have a previously-enrolled backup device. If your primary device is a phone, a secondary device could be a tablet or fob - whatever you would have with you when you want to authenticate.


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Fri 9/28/18 2:48 PM
Mon 3/22/21 1:53 PM

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