Duo Multi-Factor Authentication: Phone does not have internet connection

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Issue: How can I continue the login process if my phone doesn't have access to the internet right now?

Environment: smartphone, smart phone, mobile phone, mobile device, tablet, Duo Mobile app/application, no internet connection

Resolution: 1) Use another previously-enrolled device or 2) use the Duo app to get a temporary passcode that you can use.

A key to avoiding possible problems is to have a previously-enrolled backup device. If your primary device is a phone, a secondary device could be a tablet or fob - whatever you would have with you when you want to authenticate. Another key to avoid being stuck is to know that the Duo Mobile app has the ability to generate a passcode even without an internet connection.


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Fri 9/28/18 2:29 PM
Wed 11/13/19 12:37 PM

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